AppMon Agent support model for NGINX

AppMon 2018 April Update 14 and later
AppMon Agent only

NGINX support is based on specific NGINX builds as built and packaged by NGINX builds are known as binaries.

Generally AppMon Agent support for NGINX versions is as follows:

Support for NGINX earlier than 1.4

NGINX versions earlier than 1.4 aren't supported.

Support for NGINX 1.11.5 to 1.3x, or NGINX Plus R1

Binaries used must be included in the list of supported NGINX binaries or the debug information must be available locally to be supported.

Support for NGINX 1.11.5 and later

For AppMon 2018 April since update 14 and AppMon 2018 October , in addition to the list of supported NGINX binaries, almost all NGINX versions 1.11.5 and later are supported (except very recent NGINX releases). New NGINX releases are usually supported shortly following their release, once AppMon Agent passes a series of tests using the new NGINX releases.

The following image shows this support.

NGINX  supported versions

Dynatrace encourages you to upgrade to AppMon 2018 October to take advantage of the latest features and avoid any issues with builds built and distributed by OpenResty.