IIS Agent configuration

The following sections explain how to configure the IIS Agent. It installed as an IIS Module. You would typically enable this module for one or multiple web sites hosted on IIS. It is, however, possible to configure this module globally for the full IIS instance. This enables the IIS Agent for all hosted web sites on that IIS instance.

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The IIS Agent communicates with the Collector directly. Web Server Master Agent is not needed. See AppMon Agent configuration.

Edit dtwsagent.ini and start Web Server Master Agent

Classic Agent only

In the <DT_HOME>/agent/conf/dtwsagent.ini file, you may want to at least change the Agent name to be more descriptive than the default (dtwsagent); and the AppMon Collector the Agent connects to (the default is localhost).


In dtwsagent.ini, the setting for the AppMon Collector is named Server, because in earlier releases the Collector was embedded in the AppMon Server.

You can start Webserver Master Agent with sc start "dynaTrace Web Server Agent 7.2" in the command line, or in the Windows Services window.

Configure the IIS module

Configure IIS

The IIS Agent is a webserver module. It is registered with IIS automatically during installation. To enable it for your web sites, you have to tell IIS to load the module:

  1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager Control Panel from the GUI or by running the command inetmgr.exe.
  2. Select the site for which you want to enable the Agent in the left tree and double-click Modules.
  3. From the Actions menu, select Configure Native Modules.
  4. Select the Web Server Agents called dynaTrace IIS7 Webserver Agent <version>. You can safely select both variants (x86 and x64). IIS loads only the appropriate module once. You cannot, however, register two or more modules of the same ABI (32-bit or 64-bit) at the same time, because then IIS would load them all and then they would interfere with each other.
  5. Click OK. After installation, you may have to restart IIS by doing one of the following:
  • Run the command iisreset as administrator.
  • Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, right-click the server, select Stop, then select Start.

Configure IIS express

See How to use AppMon with IIS Express.

Deployment and file access permissions

The installer typically sets access permissions for files distributed with the Agent. If you must manually copy installation files, for example to automatically deploy a new version, make sure you retain file access permissions or that the IIS worker processes have the necessary permissions to access the files. The following is a list of files and the necessary permissions.

Path Description Access permissions required by IIS worker process Default permissions
agent\conf\dynaTraceWebServerSharedMemory Classic Agent only

The backing shared memory file used for communication between the IIS Agent and the Web Server Master Agent.
read/write Everyone: full control
agent\conf\dtwsagent.ini Agent configuration file. read Users: read and execute
agent\lib[64]\dtagent.dll Agent modules. read Users: read and execute
agent\downloads Downloaded agent modules. read/write Everyone: modify and write