Update scenarios

This page describes how to operate old Agents, for example 6.1, but upgrade to a newer Server such as 6.5.

It is highly recommend to keep all Agents up-to-date and to apply these steps only if monitoring would otherwise not be possible.

Update scenarios describes on this page rely on compatibility of older Agents with the server upgrade version. Compatibility does not imply support. Using a discontinued Agent version together with a supported Server does not grant support for the discontinued version. See the Component compatibility page for more information.

Update scenario methods

Sometimes it's not possible to upgrade an agent because it's monitoring a technology no longer supported by it's vendor, and is therefore no longer supported in the current AppMon version. See Support levels and end of life policy. Using one of the following methods allows monitoring operating while staying up-to-date with most AppMon components.

Method 1: Controlled rollout with disabled auto-updates

Use this method to have an up-to-date Server, Collector, and Client while running old Agent versions that only get updates when you set it up manually. See the Controlled update page for more details.


These can be combined with older Agent versions such as 6.1 Agents with 6.3 Bootstrap Agents and Server.

  • A Server with version equal to or later than 6.3.
  • A Bootstrap Agent with version equal to or later than 6.3.
  • The Bootstrap Agent must be connected to a Collector with the version you want to use.
  • The old Agents use the sensor versions of the Collector.

You can use a newer bootstrap version with an older Agent, so you can upgrade your bootstrapper for instance to 7.0 and then connect to a 6.1 Collector, and the new bootstrapper retrieves and runs the 6.1 version active on the Collector.

This method runs the Agents with the Sensor version of the Collector.

Disable updates

Through the Client, configure the Server to disable automatic updates. From this point on, Agents that restart stay on their version.

Updating other components

Even if you do not want to change certain Agents, it is highly recommended to keep all other Agents, Collectors, Clients and the Server up-to-date by installing regular updates.

Use a Controlled update to do this. Selecting specific Agents in a controlled rollout enables updates for those Agents.

A limitation of the controlled rollout is that a complete rollout must be performed before another controlled rollout such as a second update can execute. Since the complete rollout does not override the disabled Agent updates, this is no problem here.

See the complete workflow in the following example.

Example 6.1 to 7.0 Upgrade keeping some agents on 6.1

  1. Full Installation with 6.1: Bootstrap Agents, Server, Agents, Collectors, Client.
  2. For the Agents where you want to keep the old version: Upgrade Bootstrap Agents to 7.0.
  3. Restart those Agents. The 7.0 Bootstrappers connect to the 6.1 Collector, and start up with Version 6.1.
  4. Upgrade the Server to 7.0.
  5. Disable automatic updates
  6. Upgrade all Collectors to 7.0.
  7. Any Agents restarted stay on 6.1, as updates are disabled.
  8. Install latest public update - for instance - 7.0.3 using Controlled rollout.
  9. Select the Agents which should be upgraded to 7.0.3.
  10. Perform a complete install of 7.0.3. Agents not selected previously in the controlled rollout step stay on 6.1, as auto-updates are still disabled. This step is necessary, otherwise you won't be able to roll out any future updates.
  11. After two weeks a new public update 7.0.4 is released. Proceed exactly as with 7.0.3. First perform a controlled rollout, then perform a complete rollout.

Old Agents through disable auto-updates

Method 2: Using an old Collector

Agents are not updated to a version later than the Collector's version. Thus, by operating an earlier Collector version with a current version Server, the Agents on that Collector also stay ion the same version as the Collector. This includes sensors which, also stay on the same version as the Agents.

Use this method to keep certain Agents on an old version. However this also has the drawback that updates cannot be easily installed on those Collectors. So this is a risk when requiring to roll out hotfixes or security patches and thus this is not the recommended option.

Old Agents through old collectors

Method 3: Disable bootstrapping

As this requires manual modification of each agent for each version change, this is the least recommended option. See the specific agents for how to disable bootstrapping. Sensor versions from the Collector are still used.

Update FAQ

See Update FAQ