Memory Analysis Server update

Use these steps to manually update an AppMon Memory Analysis Server.

These are only relevant for analysis server installations that are in an installation directory separate from the AppMon Server, as otherwise an update rollout on the AppMon Server also patches the Analysis Server.

  1. Fully install and roll out update with VERSION on the AppMon Server.

  2. Shut down the Analysis Server.

  3. In the Analysis Server installation directory (referenced here as AS_INSTALL -  ensure that the directory exists AS_INSTALL/server/updates.

  4. From the AppMon Server installation directory <DT_HOME>, copy the full directory <DT_HOME>/server/updates/update_VERSION to the Analysis Server's AS_INSTALL/server/updates/ so you should then have for instance on the Analysis Server: /opt/dynatrace-6.3/server/updates/update_6.3.8.1056, for example with the command cp -r DT_HOME/server/updates/update_6.3.8.1056/ AS_INSTALL/server/updates/.

  5. Make sure that the permissions of the new directories match those of the root AS_INSTALL directory.

  6. Start the Analysis Server.

  7. Verify that the correct version was started by checking the version header in the AS_INSTALL/log/analysisserver/analysisserver.0.0.log, for example:

    2016-09-12 08:20:34 INFO [OOPAnalyzer] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------  
    2016-09-12 08:20:34 INFO [OOPAnalyzer]  dynaTrace Memory Analysis Server  Copyright (C) 2004-2015 Dynatrace  
    2016-09-12 08:20:34 INFO [OOPAnalyzer]   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------   
    2016-09-12 08:20:34 INFO [OOPAnalyzer]  Version  built Wed Sep 07    17:15:06 CEST 2016
  8. Test connections from the AppMon Serverby selecting Client -> Server Settings -> Services -> Dynatrace Memory Analysis Server -> Test connection.