Install an update


If you want to install a version where major and minor version do not match (for instance 6.5 on top of 6.3), you cannot use the update mechanism. Refer to the Upgrade and Migration Guide.

Install an update

Use the Update pane in Dynatrace server settings to manage updates and review update history. To do this, start the Client and click Tools > Manage Updates. The Dynatrace Server Settings dialog box appears and displays the Updates pane.

  1. Download the update from the AppMon product download site. Extract the contents to a local folder on the Client machine.

  2. In the Management tab of the Updates pane, click Add to start the Update Wizard.

Controlled update rollout

In a controlled update rollout, you choose specific Agents on which to install an update. This enables you to test the update on a subset of Agents before installing it on all of the remaining Agents. The process for choosing Agents includes defining criteria, such as the type of Agent or a specific Agent Group, that when met determines whether the update is installed. Agents that do not match the specified criteria do not have the update installed.

See Controlled install on the Update Wizard page to perform a controlled update rollout using the Update wizard.

Controlled update rollout process overview

The following diagram shows the necessary steps for performing a controlled update rollout.

Post-installation considerations for a controlled update rollout

After successfully completing a controlled update rollout, deployed Agents can be at different versions. As a result, installing a newer update is not allowed until you perform a complete install and update Agents to the same update version. You can also roll back the installed update before installing a newer update to achieve the same Agent version consistency.

The diagram below shows the available options for installing update to replace Update that was installed using the controlled update rollout option.

See Configure controlled update rollouts on the Update Wizard page to configure controlled update rollouts.

See Troubleshooting product updates for information on resolving controlled rollout issues.