Agent update

Bootstrapped Agents update to the most recent version when connecting to the AppMon Collector by default. You can disable these automatic Agent updates. If you disable automatic Agent updates, the bootstrapped Agents no longer uses the Agent version provided by the Collector. Instead they stay on their current version.


It is strongly recommend to keep the automatic Agent updates enabled unless you have regulatory or policy requirements which make the disablement necessary.

Disabling automatic Agent updates leads to following consequences:

  • If you update your application to a newer technology (for example, Node.js 7.x to 8.x) without Agent update, the application may start uninstrumented.
  • Agents no longer gets the latest bug fixes.
  • New AppMon features might not work.
  • The supported application environments and technologies are bound to the AppMon Server version. Although discontinued technologies might still work, they are no longer supported.


  • A bootstrap Agent with version 6.3 or later.
  • The bootstrap Agent must have been connected to a Collector with the version you want to use.

Disable automatic updates

You can disable automatic Agent updates in the AppMon Client. Click Settings > Dynatrace Server > Updates. Clear Automatically update Agents to latest version check box.

Enforce selective agent update

To update a certain Agent although automatic Agent updates are disabled, install an update using the controlled rollout and explicitly select the Agent you want to update in the Agent selection dialog box. See Controlled Update Rollout for more information.