Product Updates

A product update is an installable package that contains defect fixes, performance improvements, usability and feature enhancements. An update version is determined by the revision and build numbers in its versioning scheme, which includes major, minor, and revision identifiers as well as the build number. See Update versions for more information.

The primary update management tasks are:

  • Install: The update installation process requires using the AppMon Client, to upload the update file to the Server and guide you through the remaining configuration and deployment steps of the installation process.
  • Rollback: Use the update rollback feature to revert to a previously installed update or restore the originally installed version of AppMon.
  • Remove: Use the update remove feature to delete an inactive update from the Server machine on which it was originally uploaded.

Update vs upgrade

An update keeps the current major and minor versions of your current AppMon installation and only increases the revision, for example 7.2.5 (2018 October Update 5) to 7.2.6 (2018 October Update 5).

An upgrade increases major and/or minor version of your current AppMon installation, for example 7.1 (2018 April) to 7.2 (2018 October). It requires a migration process, described in the Upgrade and migration guide.

Required permissions

Your AppMon user account must have the following permissions enabled to install, roll back, or remove an update: Manage Updates, Shutdown or Restart, and Shutdown or Restart Collector. See User Permissions and Authentication for more information.

Update notifications

If Internet connectivity and firewall rules allow it, a push notification is displayed in the AppMon Client when updates are available, which provides a download link and describes major update details.

Update availability

Updates are available to all customers on the AppMon product download site. Updates are cumulative, which means they contain the fixes of updates released earlier. For example, AppMon update 7.2.6 contains all changes from 7.2.5.

Private updates

Private updates address customer and installation-specific issues. They are not cumulative, which means that they may not contain the fixes of updates released earlier, so they should only be applied in consultation with support.