License assignments


Use the license assignment feature to precisely manage the availability of Agent licenses per System Profile and Agent Group.

There are two types of license assignments:

  • Reservation: a user-defined number that guarantees Agent license availability for a given System Profile and Agent Group.
  • Maximum Allowed: a user-defined number that limits Agent license availability for a given System Profile and Agent Group. This is also useful for Usage Based Licensing to limit the consumption of usage based volume.

When you create a license assignment, you can use either a reservation or maximum allowed limit by itself or both types in conjunction with each other.

In addition to the license assignments, you can define whether technology types may consume Agent Hours to fulfill its reservations or limits. If no reservation or limit exists for a system profile, its agents can use Agent Hours.

License assignment example

In this example, assume that you have purchased 100 Java Agent licenses. In your deployment, you have the following three System Profiles:

  • Test
  • Production A
  • Production B

To ensure that the Java Agent connections made in the Test System Profile don't consume all of the available licenses, you can set the maximum allowed limit to 40. In addition, you can guarantee that 20 licenses for Java Agents of the Test System Profile are always available by creating a reservation for 20 Java Agents.

Similarly, to safeguard against the Production A or Production B System Profile consuming too many of the remaining 60 Agent licenses, you can create a reservation for 30 Java Agents in each of these System Profiles.

Create license assignments on the Assignments tab of the Server Settings License pane


System Profile Assignments apply to all agent groups for which no Assignments have been specified. Assignments for agent groups don't inherit settings from assignments for the corresponding system profile.

For example:

  • System Profile A has a reservation for 10 Java Agents and 10 .NET WOSIs and a maximum of 10 ADK agents allowed.
  • AgentGroup A_1 belonging to system profile A has as reservation for five Java Agents.

The five java agents for A_1 are not deducted from A, meaning that for system profile A without A_1 10 Java Agents are reserved, 15 in total for A and A_1. .NET WOSIs connected to agent group A_1 do not use agent licenses, which are reserved for system profile A. The number of ADK agents that are allowed to connect to agent group A_1 is not limited.

Required permissions

To create, edit, or delete license assignments, your user account must have the following permissions enabled:

  • Change System Profile Settings
  • Deploy License
  • Manage Server Configuration

Enabling license reservations requires specific permissions

Set up a license assignment

  1. Choose Settings > Dynatrace Server > License to access the License pane of the Server Settings dialog box.
  2. Click the Assignments tab in the right pane. On this tab, you can create, edit, and delete license assignments using the buttons at the bottom of the table. The number of remaining available Agent licenses are shown above the assignments table.
  3. Select the Enable License Assignments check box.
  4. Click Create to open the Create New License Assignment dialog box.
  5. Select a System Profile and optionally an Agent Group. If an Agent Group is not selected, the assignment applies to all Agents of that System Profile that don't belong to an Agent Group with its own assignment. Remaining (unassigned) Agent counts are available for all Agents in the order in which they are connected.
  6. Assign the number of Agents you want to reserve and/or the maximum number of Agents allowed for a given technology type. The maximum number depends on the number of Agents allowed by your license. Also define whether your reservations or limits may consume agent hours.

It is also possible to inspect and modify license assignments via REST


Overbooking occurs when the number of reservations exceeds the number permitted by your license. Overbooking can occur during the initial reservation assignment or when you change your license and decrease the number of available agents to fewer than what you originally reserved.

If you overbook a reservation, the number of agents allowed by your license still connects, however, you receive a notification on the Start Screen and Server Settings dialog box, as shown below:

Overbooked license warning on administration tab of Start Center
Overbooked license warning on administration tab of Start Center
Overbooked license warning on License Assignment dialog box
Overbooked license warning on License Assignment dialog box