License activation and deactivation using a file

This page describes how to use the manual method to activate, deactivate, and reactivate a license using a file. For instructions on using the online method, see Online license activation and deactivation.

The manual method for activating or deactivating a license using a file should only be performed if you are unable to connect to eServices from the Client, in which case, you may need to configure a proxy server. See Configuring a Proxy Server for more information.


To activate a license, you must have the necessary permissions enabled. Open the licensing ticket if you need elevated licensing permissions.

License activation

An activated license is the fingerprint that uniquely identifies and links a license to a single AppMon Server. The activated license only works on the machine that matches the fingerprint.

The process for activating a license using a file is a multi-step process that includes the following general steps:

  1. In the Client, import the original unactivated license key file sent in the license notification email or downloaded from eServices.
  2. After importing the unactivated license key file, make a copy of the license number and generated activation key, and then log into eServices on a machine with Internet access.
  3. Activate the license and download the newly created activated license key file.
  4. In the Client, import the activated license key file to complete the process. For step-by-step instructions, see below.

License deactivation

You must deactivate your license in the following scenarios:

  • Your AppMon Server machine hardware changes.
  • Your AppMon Server machine network setting changes.
  • The AppMon Server moves to a different machine.
  • You merge or split a license.

Hardware or network configuration changes can lead to an automatic deactivation of the license. If this happens, the AppMon environment continues to run normally until the AppMon Server is rebooted. The AppMon administrator receives an incident notification if the license has been deactivated automatically. If it's not possible to deactivate the license (for example, the machine is not responding), open the licensing ticket.

To avoid down times or data loss, a license continues to work for one day (evaluation license) or three days (perpetual or term licenses) after it's deactivated. If the license has been deactivated, a reactivation is required.

The process for deactivating a license using a file is a multi-step process that includes the following general steps:

  1. In the Client, deactivate the license on the Server and obtain the license number, activation key, and deactivation key.
  2. Log into eServices on a machine with Internet access and deactivate the license. For step-by-step instructions, see below.

License reactivation

Manually reactivating a license on another machine is necessary when:

  • A hardware defect occurs.
  • The AppMon Server moves to a different machine.
  • A network configuration change occurs.

To reactivate a license, perform the same steps as you would do to activate a license.