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Once the License Management team creates your license, you can view the license details by choosing My Licenses from the eServices menu. The My Licenses page contains two tabs: Licenses and UEM Volume Vouchers. On these two tabs, you can view license details and UEM volume. You can also select actions to perform, such as downloading a license file, creating an emergency file, and redeeming or upgrading UEM volume.


If you cannot view licensing information or have access to the license management features, contact the eServices team to have your user account added to the license.

My License Page - Licenses Tab
My License Page - Licenses Tab
Item name Possible values Value (shown in the previous screenshot) Description
License no. 201406121088
State Open, issued, activated, deactivated, terminated Open
  • POC and Demo licenses are in an state of Issued and don't need to be activated.
  • When a license has been deactivated for a specific hardware fingerprint, it can only be reactivated for a different one.
  • Terminated licenses can be filtered from certain lists for clarity.
Type of license POC, evaluation, term, perpetual, ISV Perpetual
  • POC - Proof of Concept;
  • Term - time-limited;
  • Perpetual - not limited in time
For Product version # V 7.0 This license was issued for AppMon version 7.0
For Product edition
  • Test Center edition
  • Production edition
Test Center edition Editions expose different features and functionality in the product, such as application scenarios, Agent configurations, and dashboards.
Licensed to Mail address Can contain multiple email addresses for the license owners. A license may have more than one owner.
Valid from Wed, 06-14-2017 19:00:00 EST Issue date of the license.
Valid until Does not apply to perpetual licenses.
Available Agents All Editions Agents: Java, WOSI (Windows OS Instance) Enterprise or Data center (=.Net), ADK, browser, Web Server
Other: UEM visits (volume)
Continuous Integration
Automation vs. Developer
Advanced Profiling Agents
Available Agent types and numbers for different editions.
On z/OS: A Licensing Management System must be installed on z/OS in addition to the AppMon Server license. See Upgrading z/OS Agents.
Downloads Download license file, download activated license file Download license file If you must perform licensing tasks manually (uaing a file), you can download the dynaTrace_license_20YYMMTTHHMMNNNN.lic file you initially received by email.
After you imported it in the Client, choose Server Settings > License to see your license data including the activation key.
Activation action Activate, Deactivate Activate With the Activation Key you can manually Activate the license here and then import the _activated.lic pressing the same button in the same Client dialog box as you did with the unactivated key before.
Deactivate manually by pressing the button in the Client licensing dialog box and copying the Activation and Deactivation Keys to the eServices Deactivate dialog box.
Reactivation action Reactivate The Reactivate link only appears after a license has been activated.
Reactivation lets you continue operation without assistance from the License Management team when an emergency happens, such as:
  • hardware defect
  • AppMon Server move
  • network configuration change
Upgrade action Upgrade Upgrade a license in Trial mode and issue a temporary license or upgrade a license in Direct mode and convert it to a new license.
Redeem UEM volume Redeem volume vouchers Click this link to redeem a UEM volume voucher for the currently selected license. After redeeming the voucher, you receive a volume license file (.vol file) to import into your AppMon Server.
Deactivate UEM volume Deactivate UEM volume licenses Click this link to deactivate any UEM volume for the currently selected license. A voucher is created for the volume not consumed prior to deactivation.
Terminate (Cleanup) action Terminate Terminate (Cleanup) Delete deactivated or expired licenses from your profile.
Create emergency license Create emergency license Create emergency license Click this link to create a one-time emergency license.
My License Page - UEM Volume Vouchers Tab
My License Page - UEM Volume Vouchers Tab
Item name Possible values Item (shown in previous screenshot) Description
Redeem (volume vouchers) Redeem Redeem To redeem a voucher for a license, select the UEM Volume Vouchers tab on the My Licenses page, and then click the Redeem link.
Upgrade (volume vouchers) Upgrade Upgrade After deactivating a license, a voucher is created for any unused UEM volume. You can upgrade this voucher to the current version by clicking the Upgrade link.

If the information on the eServices website does not update after making any changes, Refresh on the My Licenses page.

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