The eServices license management website is the central platform for viewing AppMon licensing information, performing licensing management tasks, and managing your eServices account profile. Most eServices website licensing features are closely integrated and accessible from the AppMon Client. For example, you can activate a license directly from the Client to automate the process of downloading and importing a license file. As a result, the recommended method for performing any supported licensing task is to use the AppMon Client to initiate the licensing task whenever possible.

The following features are available on eServices:

  • Manage your eService profile.
  • View licenses assigned to you.
  • Manage licenses for your company.

The licensing features of the Client require Internet access. If you are unable to connect to eServices from the Client, you may need to configure a proxy server. See Configuring a Proxy Server for more information.

Not all licensing tasks can be initiated from the Client. For example, the following tasks must performed on the eServices website:

  • Upgrading a license.
  • Creating an emergency license.
  • Reactivating a license in the event of an unexpected hardware failure or forced move of the AppMon Server.
  • Viewing information about your AppMon licenses.
  • Managing your eServices and Dynatrace Community Account profile.