Starting and stopping server services/daemons


Make sure the AppMon Server service has sufficient privileges if changing any output directories such as the session directory.

Auto startup


On Windows, the AppMon Server service is set to start automatically by default. To check whether the default has been changed, go to Control Panel > Administration > Services or execute sc query "<Service Name>". To change from automatic to manual or vice versa, execute sc config "Service Name" start= auto| demand|. Note that there is no space between start and =, but there must be a space after start=.

For example: sc config "dynaTrace Server 7.0" start= auto


On Linux or Unix, copy the $DT_HOME/init.d/dynaTraceServer script to /etc/init.d and execute the following command to autostart the Server at boot time:

/sbin/chkconfig --add dynaTraceServer

On other *NIX flavors use update-rc.d.

On Ubuntu you may have to execute sudo apt-get install sysv-rc-conf. Then sudo sysv-rc-conf dynaTraceServer on. Check with sudo sysv-rc-conf --list.

See the documentation of your distribution for details. Be sure to do this in the right user context to have the necessary Write and Execute permissions.

For the default, you do not need to modify the dynaTraceServer script. It was generated during installation to match the installation details. See Linux/Unix documentation for /sbin/chkconfig options.

For GUI tools to administer daemons, see for example, ntsysv on Red Hat or the YaST > System > System Services (Runlevel) editor on SUSE.

Services web page

To start or stop  AppMon Servers, Collectors, Agents, etc. through a web browser on all operating systems:

  1. Enter http://<hostname>:8020 in the browser's address bar. For example, http://localhost:8020.
    The <Server> Services page appears.
  2. Click Administration.
  3. Click RESTful Services.
  4. Enter the AppMon administrator user name and password when prompted.
  5. Click the desired selections on the RESTful HTML Services and subsequent pages.
    For example, to shut down Collector@60test, click Collectors on the RESTful HTML Services page, dynaTrace Collector@60test on the Collectors page, and finally Shutdown on the Collector Details page.

Windows GUI

The Windows Start menu contains shortcuts to start and stop all services running locally. In Windows Services, use Dynatrace Server 7.0 and Dynatrace Frontend Server 7.0 to start and stop AppMon services.

Windows command line

To start or stop the AppMon Server backend and frontend processes/services through the command line:

cd %DT_HOME%  
dtserver.exe -service start    
dtfrontendserver.exe -service start

cd %DT_HOME%  
dtserver.exe -service stop    
dtfrontendserver.exe -service stop

You can also use the sc command:

sc start "dynaTrace Server 7.0"

sc start "dynaTrace Frontend Server 7.0"


sc stop "dynaTrace Server 7.0"

sc stop "dynaTrace Frontend Server 7.0"

*NIX command line

To start or stop the AppMon Server backend and frontend processes/daemons through the command line:

Interactively (for testing):


./dtserver -bg

./dtfrontendserver -bg

Or use the shell script (add to system boot with chkconfig or update-rc.d, depending on *NIX flavor) to start both, the backend and frontend processes as daemons in the background:

<DT_HOME>/init.d/dynaTraceServer start

Kill both processes (same as kill -2 <process ID> for each ):  <DT_HOME>/ init.d/dynaTraceServer stop