AppMon Server command line options

You can interface with the AppMon Server from a command line.


Execute the following commands to list all the available options for dtserver.exe:

cd %DT_HOME%
dtserver.exe -?

The default DT_HOME is C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\dynaTrace 7.2.

Comparing command line options for Windows and Linux/Unix

Commands and switches differ based on whether you are using Windows or Linux/Unix.

The Linux/Unix commands ./dtserver -bg is equal to dtserver.exe -service start on Windows. The *NIX shell script init.d/dynaTraceServer starts both processes. On Windows you must start the Frontend Server separately with dtfrontendserver.exe -service start or through the Services control panel.

Option Windows Linux/Unix
Uninstall dtserver -service uninstall /sbin/chkconfig --del <service_name>
List dtserver -service list

dtserver -service listall
/sbin/chkconfig --list
Start dtfrontendserver.exe -service start

dtserver -service start
init.d/dynaTraceServer start
Stop dtserver.exe -service stop init.d/dynaTraceServer stop
Status dtserver -service list init.d/dynaTraceServer status
Version dtserver -v init.d/dynaTraceServer version