Install the AppMon Server

This page details installing the AppMon Server and covers critical information needed before installation. It also covers starting and stopping AppMon Server services and daemons, and notes additional considerations for installing the AppMon Server.

What to know before installing

All platforms

  • Before installing AppMon Server (backend and frontend processes/Windows services/*NIX daemons), see the Deployment Guide to calculate the size of your AppMon deployment and for detailed hardware recommendations specific to your load.
  • You must have a valid AppMon license to start the AppMon Client and begin using AppMon.
  • You must have access to a database of adequate size for the AppMon Performance Warehouse. You can only connect to the Performance Warehouse with a valid license.

Installation directory

Documentation typically refers to the AppMon installation directory as DT_HOME (or <DT_HOME>).

The defaults for DT_HOME are:

C:\ProgramFiles\Dynatrace\Dynatrace <major.minorVersion>

The DT_HOME directory structure includes these subdirectories.

Relative Path Contents
<DT_HOME> Executables and the main configuration (.ini) files, such as dtserver.ini.
<DT_HOME>/server/conf Configuration files for client and web dashboards, System Profiles and plugins.
<DT_HOME>/server/sessions Session storage directories for stored or recorded sessions.

You may want to change that path in any non-testing scenario due to it's potential large size.

Installation directory as an environmental variable

You can optionally set the installation directory in an environment variable with the following command:

setx DT_HOME "C:\Program Files\Dynatrace\Dynatrace 7.2".

Reference the variable with %DT_HOME%.

Download and install the server

Download the Windows full installation 64-bit package and execute it. You may go for a custom installation, to install the server only.

The installation creates Start menu entries and registers the AppMon Server to automatically start the Windows service. To get information for debugging a Windows installer problem, run the installer with the following command:

dynatrace-full- /lx c:\debug_log.txt

Sizing and memory

You can set deployment sizing and the associated memory using the AppMon Client at startup. After activating a license, you can choose from a list of predefined deployment sizes.

You can change the selected deployment size at any time later by selecting Settings > Dynatrace Server > Settings > Sizing in the Client, or directly under -memory in DT_HOME/dtserver.ini. See Sizing Configuration for more information.