Install the AppMon Client

AppMon Clients for Windows and *NIX uses 64-bit architecture, which has several advantages:

  • Standalone clients are included in Windows and Linux full installation packages, so separate installations are no longer necessary.
  • For Linux 64-bit, there is no need to install extra libraries.
  • Bigger data sets for analysis, coinciding nicely with the introduction of the Frontend Server serving these.

32-bit Client is no longer supported with AppMon 6.5 and later.

What to know before installation

  • You can install the AppMon Client on Windows, Linux or MacOS X (Intel architecture only).
  • Review System Requirements - AppMon Client for exact supported OS versions.
  • The Linux installation process requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.8 or later.
  • AppMon Server, Collector and Client standalone installations run only on operating systems with Java 8. On Windows and Linux, the AppMon package comes with a private JRE 1.8 for run time.
  • The Client on the Mac requires JRE 1.8 for run time.

Installation directory

Documentation typically refers to the AppMon installation directory as DT_HOME (or <DT_HOME>).

The defaults for DT_HOME are:

  • Windows
    • C:\ProgramFiles\Dynatrace\Dynatrace <major.minorVersion> for a full installation.
    • C:\ProgramFiles\Dynatrace\Dynatrace Client <major.minorVersion> for a Client-only installation.
  • *NIX
    • /opt/dynatrace-<major.minorVersion> for a full installation.
    • /opt/dynatrace-client-<major.minorVersion> for a Client-only installation.
      To use these default directories you need to run the cd /opt command before installation as recommended below.


Download the installation package of choice and run it. With the full package you can run for a custom installation and manually selected components to be installed.


Download the appropriate AppMon installation package (.jar file).

The .jar-based installer requires a JRE 1.8 or later. The .jar file asks for the install directory, and defaults to the current directory.

Use the following to install full package:

cd /opt
sudo java -jar <pathToJar>/dynatrace-full-<version>-linux-x86-64.jar

Use the following to install Client-only package:

cd /opt
sudo java -jar <pathToJar>/dynatrace-client-<version>-linux-x86.jar


To use the AppMon Client on the Mac requires JRE 1.8 for run time.

Download the Mac disk image (.dmg file). Open the disk image, and launch the executable application. No further configuration needed.