Starting and stopping Collector services/daemons


On Windows, you can control the AppMon Collector from the Start menu, command line, or Services control panel. The registered service name is Dynatrace Collector <version> [(<instanceName>)].

For example, to start the Collector, execute:

sc start "Dynatrace Collector 7.2"

To configure the service to start automatically on system startup, execute:

sc config "Dynatrace Collector 7.2" start= auto

There is no space between start and =, but there must be a space after start=.

Alternatively, you can start the Collector from the command line:

cd %DT_HOME%
dtcollector.exe -service start

See Install extra collector instances to learn how to start more than one Collector instance on one machine.

dTCollector arguments

dtcollector -? renders the supported arguments.