Small environment


Agents Collectors Measures per second Transactions per second Avg. nodes length
10 1 20,000 200 100

Sizing suggestions

Minimum process requirements

Server process Collector process Database process
3 GB RAM 4 cores 1 GB RAM 1 core PostgreSQL 1 GB RAM 1 core

Minimum hardware requirements

Machine/OS Installed components1
x64 Linux or Windows 4 cores 4 GB RAM2 1 AppMon Server (3 GB heap) 1 AppMon Collector (1 GB heap) 1 PostgreSQL database (1 GB heap)

1 All components/processes are running on a single machine
2 Also available memory options are 8GB and 16GB.


To improve performance, AppMon always uses the maximum available CPU and memory resources.
If you have more CPU cores or memory than required for the selected size, then AppMon uses them as well.