Memory Analysis Server best practices

This page explains some of the additional considerations for deployments that include the AppMon Memory Analysis Server. Preprocessing memory dumps from the AppMon Server is very memory-intensive, and AppMon Memory Analysis Server component makes it possible to offload this preprocessing.

  • Assign a larger heap to the Memory Analysis Server than you have assigned to the largest JVM you want to analyze.

  • As long as your JVMs are reasonably sized, you can run the Memory Analysis Server on the same machine as the AppMon Server, which reduces network traffic and post-processing time.

  • Use a second machine in the following situations:

    • You need to analyze huge memory dumps (16 GB or greater) and do not have enough physical memory for both processes.
    • The AppMon Server already has high constant CPU usage (less than one core free during high load hours). In this case, post processing memory dumps can lead to data loss, such as skipped events or unanalyzed PurePaths.
  • If you plan a standalone Memory Analysis Server, you should consider four cores for it, and RAM should be around 25 percent larger than the largest memory dump you want to analyze.