WebSphere Application Server

This page describes configuration for WebSphere versions 7.0—8.5.5. See Set up Agents for information on installing the Agent.

Configure the WebSphere server

Do the following to configure AppMon to diagnose applications on WebSphere running on AIX:

  1. Start the WebSphere server using the graphical user interface or the command line.
    For example: /opt/ibm/WebSphere<version>/AppServer/bin/sh startServer.sh server1.
  2. Open the Administrative Console through the graphical user interface, or enter the URL in your web browser: http://<HostName>:9060/ibm/console.
  3. Enter your user ID and password, and then log in.
  4. Navigate to Server > Application servers > server1 > Java and Process Management > Process Definition > Java Virtual Machine.
  5. In the Generic JVM arguments text field, enter -agentpath:<DT_HOME>/agent/lib/libdtagent.so=name=<AgentName>,server=<dynaTraceCollectorName>.
  6. Apply the changes and save the configuration.
  7. Restart the server.

Agent naming for WebSphere

For agents which are injected to WebSphere an additional name is shown in square brackets right after the agent name.

This name has the format [<cellName>-<nodeName>-<serverName>]. The values are either taken from command line, or defined by following environment variables if the command line could not be parsed.

Values taken from the command line are:
cellName = Websphere cell name (third of last argument of command line).
nodeName = Websphere server name (last argument of command line).

Values taken from environment variables are:
cell_name, node_name, server_specific_name.

The serverName may be optional if not cannot be determined.


Configuration files

For WebSphere 6.1 and later:


Log files

For Windows:
<WebSphereHome>/logs/yourServer/search for native_*.log

For WebSphere 6.1 and later running on Linux, z/Linux, AIX, HP-UX: <WebSphereHome>/profiles/yourInstanceName/logs/yourServer/*.log

For z/OS:
The logs can be found in the appropriate IBM 3270 terminal job log.