CICS transaction gateway

AppMon supports tracing transactions from a Java client through a CICS Transaction Gateway (CTG) into a CICS Transaction Server (CICS). The CTG server can run either in a distributed environment or directly on the host on z/OS. To view a transaction flow diagram as shown below, the following components must be instrumented:

  • Java client: Java Agent, CTG sensor
  • CTG server: Java Agent, CTG sensor
  • CICS: CICS Agent, CTG sensor


Installation requires the following steps:

  1. Add a Java tier to your System Profile.
  2. Install the AppMon Java Agent on the target machine.
  3. Inject the Java Agent into the CTG process.


Use the Java Agent installer for all platforms (dynatrace-agent-<version>-unix.jar) to install the Java Agent.

The CTG server can be started with the ./bin/ctgstart script. You can append the -agentpath parameter to the JAVASWITCH environment variable either before running the script itself or by modifying it before the actual line where CTG is started:

export JAVASWITCH=-agentpath:<pathToAgent>/lib/,server=
<dtCollector> $JAVASWITCH
# Start the CICS Transaction Gateway.
command $CTG_JAVA ${JAVASWITCH}"$CICSCLI" $jvmoptions CTG $$


Download the Java Agent installer for all platforms (dynatrace-agent--unix.jar) and deploy it to the z/OS Unix file system. Connect to z/OS Unix and install the agent by running java -jar dynatrace-agent-<version>-unix.jar.

The CTG server can be started with a JCL script. Find out where STDENV is defined, either in a dataset or in a z/OS Unix file.

// PATH='/u/labuser/ctg/test/CTGENV'

STDENV contains the CTGSTART_OPTS. This is where the -agentpath parameter can be added:

-classpath=/usr/lpp/cicstg/ctg810/classes/ctgsamples.jar \


Install the Java Agent using the dynatrace-agent-<version>.msi installer.

The CTG server is started as a service. To set the Windows CTG server parameters, you need to issue the CTG command ctgservice prior to starting the CTG Server.

  1. To clear the startup options, call ctgservice -R.
  2. To set them, call ctgservice -R -A-j"-agentpath:\Program Files\dynaTrace\dynaTrace Agent <version>\agent\lib\dtagent.dll=name=CTGServer,server=<dtCollector>[:portIfNotDefault9998]".