Application Environment Configuration

To receive data from Agents, you need to map them to your System Profile. It is done in the Application Environment Configuration dialog box. To access it:

  1. Open the Welcome screen of the new System Profile:
    • AppMon 2017 May Click the default Monitoring Perspective Monitoring button button, then select the new System Profile in the breadcrumb navigation.
    • AppMon 2018 April and later Select the new System Profile from the session selector, then click Monitoring Overview in the System Profile section of the sidebar.
  2. Click Configure.

After data from a successfully instrumented application appears in your System Profile, the Welcome screen no longer appears. You can, however, continue to access the Application Environment Configuration dialog box from the Configuration menu. Click the gear gear icon icon, and select Configure environment from the menu.

In the Application Environment Configuration dialog box, select the application type, and tier type you want to add. The Add Tier wizard appears, displaying a menu specific to each tier type.

For examples using the Application Environment Configuration dialog box and Add Tier wizard to configure specific application environments, refer to the following sample instrumentation instructions.

LAMPP Apache and PHP

See LAMPP Apache and PHP Sample Instrumentation.

XAMPP Apache and PHP

See XAMPP Apache and PHP sample instrumentation.

XAMPP Apache-only

See XAMPP Apache sample instrumentation.


See IIS sample instrumentation.

Application server / Tomcat / Alfresco

See Application server - Tomcat - Alfresco sample instrumentation.

Application server / IIS/ASP.NET / DotNetNuke

See Application server - ASP.NET - DotNetNuke sample instrumentation.