Silent installation


64-bit client- and JRE-only installation to the c:\Dynatrace directory: msiexec /passive /i C:\tmp\dynatrace-full- APPDIR="c:\dynaTrace" ADDLOCAL="DiagnosticsClient,JRE"

Generic Command Syntax:
msiexec /passive /i <path_to_msi\msi_file_name> APPDIR="<target_folder>" ADDLOCAL="<feature>"

Substitute appropriate values for fields in angle brackets. <feature> is a comma-separated list of AppMon features to be installed. Useful combinations are:

Type of installation Feature
AppMon Server DiagnosticsServer,WindowsService,JRE
AppMon Collector DiagnosticsCollector,CollectorService,JRE
AppMon Analysis Server DiagnosticsServer,AnalysisService,JRE
AppMon Client DiagnosticsClient,JRE
32-bit and 64-bit AppMon Agents using 32-bit installer or Agent installer DiagnosticsAgent,JavaAgent,JavaAgentx64,DotNetAgent,DotNetAgent20x64, FFAgent,IEAgent,WebServerAgent,IIS7Agent, IIS7Agentx64,Apache20Agent,Apache20Agentx64,Apache22Agent, Apache22Agentx64,Apache24Agent,Apache24Agentx64,WSMB,HostAgent, zOSAgent
32-bit and 64-bit AppMon Agents using 64-bit installer DiagnosticsAgent,JavaAgent,JavaAgentx86,DotNetAgent,DotNetAgent20x86, FFAgent,IEAgent,WebServerAgent,IIS7Agent, IIS7Agentx86,Apache20Agent,Apache20Agentx86,Apache22Agent, Apache22Agentx86,Apache24Agent,Apache24Agentx86,WSMB,HostAgent, zOSAgent
JRE only JRE


The AppMon Server, Collector and Client cannot be installed without an AppMon-private JRE.

See ADDLOCAL Property and Property Reference on MSDN for more information about Windows installer properties.


To perform an unattended installation, use the command line parameters of the install command.

Passing -h provides a list of available command line parameters.


Install the full 64-bit AppMon to /opt/dynatrace/7.0 (not to the default, but to a separate version-directory):

java -jar dynatrace- -t /opt/dynatrace/7.0 -y

Install the 32-bit AppMon Collector into the default directory:

java -jar dynatrace-collector- -b 32 -y


Install the 32-bit AppMon Collector into the default directory and use the already installed Java to run AppMon:

java -jar dynatrace-collector- -b 32 -y