Breaking changes and potential pitfalls

This page lists breaking changes and different defaults or behavior between versions that could pose issues.
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AppMon 6.3 and later

Accept authentication data only using HTTPS

Selecting this AppMon Client configuration check box in Settings > Dynatrace Server > Services > Management is a potential pitfall, especially for REST requests. See Services configuration > Management Tab for more information.

Challenges with authentication, certificates and keys

An easy-to-use interface in the AppMon Client (Settings > Dynatrace Server > Certificate Management > Manage, then click Start Wizard under Import and Deploy) lets you easily import self-signed or well-trusted certificates. However, dealing with secure communications has some potential pitfalls and means additional work.

  • If you use a self-signed certificate, you must accept it. Having a UI to alert you is acceptable, but otherwise you must tell the component about it, even if it is just to ignore it.
  • If it is a well-trusted one, issued by a CA, acceptance should be automatic, however most certificated may be self-signed.

Example in case: the Jenkins plugin

The options for the Jenkins plugin may serve as template for other components.

  • The most convenient, but not the best practice is to continue using insecure HTTP.
  • Allowing authentication data from unsecured communication lines by selecting the Accept authentication data only via HTTPS check box in Settings > Dynatrace Server > Services > Management is not recommended.
  • Ignore the certificate by using the Jenkins Skip Certificate Check Plugin.
  • Import the self-signed certificate into the Jenkins key store.
  • Use a well-trusted certificate.