Infrastructure monitoring - zero config with agents

As opposed to plug-in-based monitoring: With Agent-based (zero-configuration) infrastructure monitoring, many Measures are available out of the box. In addition to simplifying the configuration process (you don't need to set up passwords or permissions, especially for Windows), retrieving measurements from hosts now has less impact on the system's performance.

The target host must have at least one active and connected Agent installed.

If you migrate AppMon from a release earlier than 4.2, you should review existing configurations of Windows Performance Monitor and Unix Monitor plugins, and remove them if the Measures that are collected by the Agent are sufficient. See Plugin vs. Agent-based Measures for a table of equivalent Measures.

If you need to install and configure a Host Monitoring Agent because there is no other active Agent on the machine, refer to Host Monitoring Agent for details.


Besides supporting pre-configured Monitoring in Application Overview Dashboard and dashboards, Agent-based Measures can be used to build custom charts and dashboards. Use the Measure Picker dialog box, as shown below.

  1. Create a new Chart dashlet:
    • AppMon 2017 May In the Cockpit, expand the Charting node and double-click Custom.
    • AppMon 2018 April and later In the sidebar, click Dashlets > Chart.
  2. Double-click the Add Series button to open the Measure Picker dialog box.
  3. Expand the tree as needed to display the desired Measure, then double-click the Measure to list it in the Add Measures to Chart area.
  4. Click Add to add the Measure.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as needed, then click Close.
Measure picker
Measure picker

Plugin vs. agent-based measures

It is recommended that you use Agent-based Measures whenever possible.

In the table, Agent-based Measures that are not subscribed by default are marked with an asterisk (*).

Windows Performance Monitor Unix Monitor Agent-based Monitoring Notes
User Time User Time CPU User Time  
Idle Time Idle Time CPU Idle Time  
  System Time CPU System Time Also available on Windows. This Measure contains kernel time.
  I/O Wait Time CPU I/O Wait Time  
Processor Time Processor Time  
Processor Interrupts/sec      
Custom Disk Free Space Disk Storage Available* This measure is automatically split per disk (Windows) or mount point (Unix). It is recommended that you replace this Measure with Disk Storage Utilization, which is subscribed by default.
Free Diskspace Free Diskspace Disk Storage Usable* This measure is automatically split per disk (Windows) or mount point (Unix).
Used Diskspace Disk Storage Used* This measure is automatically split per disk (Windows) or mount point (Unix).
Disk Reads/sec Disk Reads/sec  
Disk Writes/sec Disk Writes/sec    
Total Diskspace    
Var Usage    
  Temp Usage  
Root Usage
Current Disk Queue Length
LogicalDisk Free Percentage
PhysicalDisk Read
PhysicalDisk Write
Free Memory Free Memory Memory Usable  
Free Swap Swap Free*
Used Memory Memory Used
Used Swap Swap Used*
Memory Available Memory Available*
Memory Usage Memory Utilization*  
Pages/Sec   Page Faults per Second The Agent-based Measure only counts hard faults.
Committed Bytes In Use
Total Memory    
Total Swap    
Swap Usage  
Pages Input Pages Input    
Pages Output Pages Ouput    
Custom Network Bytes Total/sec Bytes Total/sec    
Custom Network Bytes Received/sec Received Bytes/sec Network Bytes Received per Second This measure is automatically split per network interface. Custom configuration is not necessary.
Packets Received Errors Received Packets Error  
Received Packets Dropped  
Received Packets OK    
Received Packets Total    
Custom Network Bytes Sent/sec Transmitted Bytes/sec Network Bytes Sent per Second This measure is automatically split per network interface. Custom configuration is not necessary.
  Transmitted Packets Dropped    
  Transmitted Packets Error    
  Transmitted Packets OK    
  Transmitted Packets Total    
Network Output Queue Length    
Unix process
  Process Count    
  Run Queue, current    
Run Queue, last 15 minutes    
  Run Queue, last 5 minutes    
  Run Queue, last minute
Windows-specific measurements  
Process Count      
Process Memory Usage   Current Overall Memory Consumption This measure is part of the Metric Group Process Performance.
Run Queue, current