Setting up application availability monitoring

What is availability monitoring?

Availability monitoring connects your customers to their business services 24/7.

Goal of this tutorial

To explain how to implement availability monitoring with AppMon. Availability monitoring uses a URL or web transaction monitor so that your applications and services perform without a hitch. It also detects components that are disconnected.


Use the easyTravel demo application to learn about various AppMon features and functions. If customers can't access the easyTravel web page, AppMon sends an email to the administrator.


Detailed steps

AppMon automatically monitors all JVMs and CLRs that are connected through an Agent. It removes those that are unavailable for 72 hours. Data appears in the Transaction Flow dashlet, and in the Process Health dashboard. See Process Health Monitoring for more information.

Process Health Dashboard
Process Health Dashboard

AppMon triggers an incident when an active application is not available. To see the incidents, look at the Incidents dashlet.

To see the running Agents, look at the Agents Overview Dashlet dashlet.

AppMon triggers an Application Process Unavailable (unexpected) Severe incident if a JVM or CLR fails. The Agent Availability icon then turns red.

To remove an Agent from your system, remove it from the Offline Agents section of the Agents Overview Dashlet dashlet so you don't trigger an incident.

Unavailability of agents email alert

If a JVM or CLR fails, a notification is sent to the Incident Email Group. To configure the email, go to System Profile > Incidents tab. Edit the Application Process Unavailable (unexpected) setting.

To test the notifications, stop easyTravel or one of its subsystems to receive the email notification.

Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring

AppMon Synthetic Monitoring monitors the availability and performance of external websites. See Synthetic Monitoring Integration for more information.

URL Monitor

Use the built-in URL Monitor to monitor the availability of the easyTravel URL. Create an incident based on the HostReachable Measure.

If this Measure is 0, you can't access the URL. Set the lower Measure threshold to 0 and create an incident. Then configure an email.

Availability monitoring for multiple Agent Groups


This scenario uses AppMon to monitor multiple groups of systems. Each group has unique requirements regarding who to inform if a system goes down.


Detailed steps

Subscribe a Measure for the number of connected Agents for each group. To create different incidents for each agent group, subscribe to the Availability - Connected Agents Measure multiple times. Each Measure is subscribed to one agent group.

Define incidents for the two Measures from the previous step. These incidents have different actions. For example, different users are responsible for frontend and backend. They also have different thresholds. For example, when the backend is down to one server, this is a severe incident, yet when the frontend is down to two, this is severe.