Host health monitoring

It is crucial to know the state of your machines. AppMon provides zero-configuration host health monitoring — every installed Agent automatically delivers Host Health information. The Agent collects information about CPU, memory, disk and network interface utilization to determine the host system's health state.


The Node.js Agent does not deliver host monitoring data. Use the Host Monitoring Agent if you only have the Node.js Agent on the machine.

The Web Server Master Agent does not deliver host monitoring data on its own. There must be at least one Web Server Slave Agent or a Host Monitoring Agent.


Configure hosts, thresholds, and alerts at the Infrastructure item of the Dynatrace Server Settings dialog box.

You can also configure user specific Monitors, Windows Performance Monitor and Unix System Monitoring.


You can view host monitoring data:

What is monitored on what platform?

Category Measure Name Description Windows Linux Solaris AIX HP-UX zOS4
Processor CPU User Time Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
CPU System Time Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
CPU Idle Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
CPU I/O Yes Yes Yes Yes No
CPU Load Unix Load Average
(exponential moving) average of running processes per minute.
Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Memory Memory Usable Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Memory Used Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Page Faults1 Hard page faults only Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Disk Disk Storage Utilization2 Free disk space and percentage of available space Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
I/O Statistics2 Read/write statistics of physical disks Yes Yes No No No No
Network Network Inbound Utilization3 Percentage of used inbound bandwidth Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Network Outbound Utilization3 Percentage of used outbound bandwidth Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

1 Requires disk access permissions to the disks that contain the swap partition or swap file.
2 Requires read and list files permissions to the disks that are to be monitored. Mapped network drives are excluded by default from Disk Storage Utilization.
3 On *NIX systems a kernel with version greater or equal to 2.6.33 is required otherwise only the transfer rates are displayed.
4 zOS is not supported currently.

CPU core count on AIX LPAR

CPU core count is only determined during agent startup.

CPU core count = "Maximum Virtual CPUs" * SMT-Factor according to "lparstat -i".

OS virtualization and container monitoring

  • VMware, Xen and Hyper-V are detected and supported. See VMware for more information.

  • VirtualBox is detected, but not supported.

  • Some operating system level virtualization techniques on various Unix/Linux based systems like Solaris Zones, OpenVZ, BSD Jails and VServer are not supported. Agents running within a container report metrics from the operating system and the instrumented applications, but not from the container management (tools).