AppMon supports the entire application lifecycle in a single, integrated platform supporting the three core areas of the lifecycle: development, test, and production. The AppMon platform comes in production or pre-production/TestCenter editions.

Each edition is packaged with specific features and default settings, such as out-of-the-box dashboards, integrations, zero-configuration, and auto-adapting instrumentation to accelerate time to value for developers, testers, and operations personnel respectively. The specific features and default settings available for each edition are determined by the type of license applied to the product.

Production edition

The AppMon Production edition enables advanced application performance management for rapidly identifying and diagnosing problems in staging and production, which reduces the mean time to repair by as much as 90%. Identifying and resolving production performance issues with mission-critical applications can take days and could cost thousands of dollars per hour.

With the Production edition, you can manage mission-critical application performance in a 24x7 environment, capture critical diagnostics information at all times, provide exact root-cause analysis, and resolve Java/.NET issues in minutes instead of days. The AppMon always-on PurePath transaction tracing makes this all possible by letting you manage business transactions end-to-end and map application dependencies to quickly understand issue priorities. Performance diagnostics down to the code level provides rapid diagnosis of the root cause of issues. You can share PurePath information with all stakeholders to quickly reach consensus on issues and resolutions.

Pre-Production edition

The AppMon Pre-Production edition integrates with major commercial and open-source load testing solutions such as LoadRunner, SilkPerformer, and Visual Studio Team System to eliminate manual problem reproduction and cut lost productivity time by as much as 90%. With this edition, developers and test professionals can eliminate the multiple days it often takes to find, document, reproduce, diagnose, and resolve performance issues.

Using PurePath transaction tracing, AppMon provides in-depth code-level visibility into the performance of each individual transaction of all virtual users in large load tests of highly distributed applications. With AppMon, developers and test professionals can now automate and accelerate the process of documenting, diagnosing, and resolving performance issues in Java/.NET applications, allowing more time to be spent on strategic development and test activities.

Detailed feature comparison


Check = supported

Warning = limited support

Cross = not supported

Feature (down) Production Pre-Production (Test Center)
Transaction Tracing with PurePath Technology Check Check
Tracing of Each Transaction Check Check
Auto Sensors for Hotspot Detection with Zero Configuration Check Check
Tracing at Code Level and Capturing of Contextual Data Check Check
Tracing with Low Overhead and Small Memory Footprint Check Check
No Source-Code Changes Required (Java, .NET, JavaScript) Check Check
Tracing Across Web Applications Check Check
Tracing Across Java, .NET, and Native Applications Check Check
Tracing Across Multiple Tiers/Servers Check Check
Tracing Across Thread Boundaries Check Check
Auto-Discovery of Application Components Check Check
Support for Proprietary Remoting/Messaging Technologies Check Check
Custom Sensors and Knowledge Sensor Packs Check Check
Visual Class Browser and Sensor Placement Check Check
Diagnostics Production Pre-Production
Real-time Diagnostics while Applications Run Check Check
Unicode Support Check Check
Manual Session Capturing Check Check
Offline Diagnostics and Session Export Check Check
Insight into Third-Party Libraries without Source Code Check Check
Continuous, 24x7 Session Capturing Check Check
Automated and Centralized Session Storage Check Check
Memory Snapshot Analysis (Hotspots, Collections, Maps, Http Sessions) Check Check
Auto-Triggered Memory and Thread Snapshots (on OOM or Scheduled) Check Check
Centralized, High-Speed Memory Snapshot Analysis Check Check
Thread Snapshot Analysis (Hotspots, Locking, Monitors) Check Check
Profiling of CPU and Synchronization Hotspots Check Check
UML Sequence Diagrams Check Check
Auto-Generated, Real-Time Transaction Flow Map Check Check
Automated Architecture Validation Check Check
Manual Diffing, Comparison, and Regression Analysis Check Check
CodeLink IDE Integration for Eclipse and Visual Studio Check Check
Monitoring Production Pre-Production
Application Monitoring (JMX, PMI, Performance Counter, JVM, CLR) Check Check
System Monitoring (Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, z/OS) Check Check
Scheduled and Pluggable Synthetic End-User Monitors Check Check
Alerting/Notifications on Incidents Check Check
Percentiles for SLA Engineering Beyond Averages Check Check
Business Transaction Management Check Check
Long Term Performance Charts Check Check
24x7 Monitoring of Live Applications and Systems Check Warning
Enterprise Management System Integration and Automation Check Check
Self Monitoring Capabilities to Ensure 99.9% Uptime Check Check
Out-of-the-box Monitoring Dashboards and Reports Check Check
Load testing/Build integration and automation Production Pre-Production
Open Automation Interfaces (REST, JMX) Check Check
Load Testing Integration (Loadrunner, JMeter, Gomez 360, VSTS) Check Check
Out-of-the-box Load Testing Dashboards and Reports Cross Check
Build System Integration (Ant, NAnt, Quickbuild) Cross Check
Include Custom Events and Build Metadata (Version) Cross Check
Test Automation and Regression Reports (Selenium, Watir, QTP) Cross Check
Test Framework Integration (JUnit, NUnit, TestNG) Cross Check
Automated Regression Reports Check Check
Collaboration across the Lifecycle Production Pre-Production
Web-enabled AppMon Client (Java Webstart) Check Check
Customizable Dashboards Check Check
Manually Triggered Reports (PDF, XLS, HTML, CSV) Check Check
Dashboard Sharing Check Check
Scheduled Reports and Delivery (Online, eMail) Check Check
Browser-access to Dashboards and Reports Check Check
Protection and Omission of Sensitive Data Check Check
Secure User Authentication Check Check
Flexible Role and Permission System Check Check
User Groups and LDAP integration Check Check
Deployment Production Pre-Production
Central Agent Deployment and Configuration Check Check
Free {dt} Viewer Check Check
Cluster and Virtualization Support Check Check
Recovery and Watchdog (24x7 Support) Check Check
WAN Support with Encryption/Compression Check Check
Built-in Performance Warehouse Cross Warning
High-performance, External Performance Warehouse (SQL, DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL) Check Check
Schedule Downtimes for Maintanance Windows Check Check
Fault Tolerance (JVM Options, Network Overhead, Smart Sensors) Check Check
Community and Support Production Pre-Production
Community Downloads (Fast Packs, Plugins) Check Check
Extensive Self-Learning Content on dynaLearn Check Check
Upgrade Path to New Product Versions Check Check
24x7 Access to {dt} Support Check Check
Open Source Agent Development Kit Check Check