Security and privacy configuration

AppMon is able to measure application performance on the user side. At the same time it is also able to capture sensitive user data. It is your responsibility to handle it according to applicable laws. Here you can find how to do it.

Here are general step you need to take:

  • Configure which data you're capturing. Don't capture the personal information unless it's absolutely necessary. Respect user's privacy settings, and never capture credit card details.
  • Make sure the captured data is safe:
    • Protect captured data on its way between your application and AppMon and in AppMon storage.
    • Configure the rights to access AppMon. Only let AppMon users to see what they need. Limit the number of users who can configure your AppMon installation, and who can perform audit of it.
  • Delete data you don't need or if a user asks for it:
    • AppMon provides visit anonymization REST API to anonymize visits in captured sessions.
    • The data retention period can be set by customers to a maximum of 30 days.