AppMon privacy policy

AppMon helps you analyze and improve the performance and user experience of your web applications and mobile apps. AppMon can capture the user experience of each user action performed in your application that triggers a server-side web request (for example, button click or page load). These interactions are called user actions.

User action names are based on their underlying web-request URLs (for example Loading of <page_name>) and the page control that the user interacts with (for example, Click on Login). For each user action, AppMon captures timings as well as the URLs of all web requests that are sent to backend services. The URLs of all page assets are also captured (for example, URLs of any images, CSS, or JavaScript files).

AppMon combines all subsequent user actions into a visit, enabling you to understand how each user navigated through your application and what actions they performed. Along with visits, AppMon also stores IP addresses to enable performance analysis based on geographic region without compromising data privacy. You can enable IP address masking. In that case AppMon processes full IP addresses but masks them before performing geolocation lookups or storing them in a database.

AppMon can anonymously track repeat visitors to your application by storing a randomly generated ID in each users' browser or device. By default, user tracking isn't enabled.

In addition to the above mentioned features that are available out-of-the box, it's also possible to report additional strings called visit tags, which can be assigned to individual users to enable deeper visit analytics.

Web applications

For correct operation, AppMon requires that you use a defined set of cookies. For details, see How AppMon uses cookies.

  • AppMon captures all timings that are exposed by browsers via W3C standards.
  • AppMon reports the stack traces and messages of all JavaScript errors.
  • AppMon looks up details about each device browser, based on the HTTP header.

Mobile apps

  • AppMon captures device details such as vendor, model, OS version, and statistics like battery percentage and free memory.
  • AppMon sends crash reports that include the stack trace and the message of each crash.
  • When an app has permission to access user GPS geolocation, AppMon uses the information to determine the region of the user. The location is however rounded to 3-5 digits following the comma, which provides accuracy of up to only a 10km area.

Where (and for how long) is this information stored?

AppMon is available as an on-premises offering. AppMon is installed in your data center. Therefore, captured data never leave the premises. AppMon can be configured manually for a defined data retention periods (depends on available storage).

Privacy policy

You're free to redistribute the policy language below for use in your organization's own data-privacy and cookie policy for web applications.

Web applications

Privacy notice

We use AppMon to gain insights into the performance of our web application and to understand how our users are navigating through it. AppMon captures data like W3C timings, button clicks, link clicks, JavaScript errors, browser types, and geographic regions. These data help us to continuously improve the performance of our offering and to identify and fix functional problems. For this to work correctly and effectively, AppMon requires use of a set of cookies.

Mobile applications

Privacy notice

We use AppMon to analyze usage patterns, optimize performance, and troubleshoot issues related to this app. Personal data may be captured during the course of monitoring. We won't share or sell any personal data. These data are utilized only for analyzing app usage and performance.

What data are collected?
AppMon captures data related to button clicks and web requests that are sent by this app. Error messages and stack traces are captured when crashes occur. AppMon does not collect private data out-the-box.