External tests

The external tests category analyzes and aggregates measures from outside sources with the AppMon Test Automation module. Use it to put all test-related data in a single place, for incident tracking and corridor calculation.

Posting data

First, register a test run with the external category to get its unique ID (TestRunID). Using REST endpoint matching your test run, make a POST requests to send data for your tests. Each test may have multiple measures posted in a single request. You can adapt measure unit and color to your needs. Any changes take affect when new data posts. You can also provide expected min and max value for each measure to track the corridor on chart.

See the AppMon REST API documentation available under [https://<AppMon_server_host>:8021/api-docs/current/index.html#!/Test_Automation/postExternalTestData] and AppMon Server REST API documentation for more information.