System Profiles (REST)

Profile list

This interface lists all System Profiles of the AppMon Server and is able to respond with different media types. Besides the default media type XML, also JSON or JSONP can be produced. Just add the appropriate extension (.xml, .json, or .jsonp) to the URL or alternatively set the appropriate media type at the requests Accept header.

GET https://<server>:8021/rest/management/profiles Produces application/xml
GET https://<server>:8021/rest/management/profiles.xml Produces application/xml
GET https://<server>:8021/rest/management/profiles.json Produces application/json
GET https://<server>:8021/rest/management/profiles.jsonp Produces application/javascript

Profile meta data

Use HTTP GET on a specific System Profile to get an XML representation describing the System Profile and its meta data.

GET https://<server>:8021/rest/management/profiles/<profilename> Produces text/xml

Enable or disable System Profile

GET https://<server>:8021/rest/management/profiles/<profilename>/enable
GET https://<server>:8021/rest/management/profiles/<profilename>/disable

System Profile configurations

Profile configuration list

This request retrieves all configurations of the specified System Profile.

GET https://<server>:8021/rest/management/profiles/<profilename>/configurations

Activate profile configuration

A System Profile can have several configurations, but only one active configuration. Use this request to activate a System Profile configuration, so that all others are set to inactive:

GET https://<server>:8021/rest/management/profiles/<profilename>/configurations/<configurationname>/activate