System Profile templates (REST)


This is a legacy REST interface. It is not available at https://<YourDTServerHost>:8021/api-docs/current/, however you can still execute it via any REST instrument.

See also current System Profile REST interface.

On the System Profile Templates page you can find out how to configure System Profile Templates within the AppMon Client.

Create new System Profile based on template

You can create a system profile based on a template using following REST call:

PUT https://<server>:8021/rest/management/profiles/<newprofilename>

A high number of system profiles may degrade the performance of your AppMon Server. Thus, the creation of new system profiles is limited to 30 per hour.

Copy agent group to existing system profile

You can copy an agent group defined in a system profile template to an existing system profile using following REST call:

PUT https://<server>:8021/rest/management/profiles/<profilename>/agentgroups/<newgroupname>

To define an agent mapping for the agent group, use the PUT Mapping REST call that is described in the section Agent Group Mapping.