Server management (REST)


Request the version of the AppMon Server.

GET https://<server>:8021/rest/management/version Produces text/xml

License information

Request license information.

GET https://<server>:8021/rest/management/server/license Produces application/xml

License import

Send a license file to the AppMon Server and trigger a license import.

POST https://<server>:8021/rest/management/server/license Consumes multipart/form-data

License volume import

Send a volume file to the AppMon Server and trigger a volume import.

POST https://<server>:8021/rest/management/server/license/volume Consumes multipart/form-data

Restart server

Restart the AppMon Server. You must have permissions to shut down and restart the Server.

POST https://<server>:8021/rest/management/server/restart Produces application/xml

Shut down server

Shut down the AppMon Server without restarting. You must have permissions to shut down the Server.

POST https://<server>:8021/rest/management/server/shutdown Produces application/xml

Support archives

AppMon has a REST interface to download and stream Support Archives, which are also called SysInfo Packages. The compressed bytes stream directly to the REST Client instead of creating a complete file on the Server, providing a faster response.

GET https://<server>:8021/rest/management/sysinfo/package
Error handling

If you specify an include or exclude parameter that is not one of the file types previously listed, an error occurs and the REST interface displays information about supported file types.


This section describes deprecated REST interfaces for Server management. They are replaced by the previously described interfaces and should not be used.

These deprecated interfaces are disabled by default. If, however, you need to enable them, use the debug flag

Restart server


Use the POST interface to restart the AppMon Server.

GET https://<server>:8021/rest/management/server/restart

Shut down server


Use the POST interface to shut down the AppMon Server.

GET https://<server>:8021/rest/management/server/shutdown



Use the new GET interface to request the license information.

GET https://<server>:8021/rest/management/server/license/information