PureLytics Stream (REST)

The AppMon Server offers RESTful interfaces to start and monitor an on-demand export with the PureLytics Stream. You can export data within a specific timeframe and type to an Elasticsearch instance. See PureLytics Stream for more information.

On-demand export

The on-demand export is limited to one job per server, this includes jobs that are started from the Client.

Create PureLytics job

Post a request containing a JSON or XML body to create a PureLytics job. The location header of the response contains a reference to the created job.

The PureLytics job is described by either a JSON or an XML document and exports data. This document is sent to the REST interface within the request content. The expected JSON and XML structure is described below. All XML elements or JSON name/value pairs are required in order to create a PureLytics job.

POST https://<server>:8021/rest/management/profiles/<profilename>/analyticsstreamjob Consumes application/json application/xml

Get PureLytics job

Get the state of a PureLytics Job with a UUID.

GET https://<server>:8021/rest/management/profiles/<profilename>/analyticsstreamjob/<jobId> Consumes application/xml