Plugins and updates (REST)


This is a legacy REST interface. It is not available at https://<YourDTServerHost>:8021/api-docs/current/, however you can still execute it via any REST instrument.

The AppMon Server offers several RESTful interfaces to install AppMon plugins and updates and to monitor the installation progress. The REST interface can deal with the following types:

  • Updates (formerly Fixpacks. Updates is used in the REST calls)
  • System plugins
  • User plugins
  • Resource packs
  • Language packs
Required permissions

Update-related requests such as installing or confirming an update require the Manage Updates permission. Plugin installation requires the Manage Plugin Bundles permission.

Install plugin or update

Send AppMon Plugins and Updates to the AppMon Server and trigger the installation process. The response Location header contains the URL to the installation job.

POST https://<server>:8021/rest/management/installjobs Consumes multipart/form-data

Plugin or update installation state

Checks the progress and success of a running installation process for a plugin or update. The whole URL including the job ID is contained in the HTTP Location header of the Install Plugin response.

GET https://<server>:8021/rest/management/installjobs/<jobid> Produces application/xml

Get update confirmation

Get an update confirmation. The response contains the name, description and confirmation of the update.

GET https://<server>:8021/rest/management/fixpackconfirmations/<id> Produces application/xml

Create update confirmation

Create an update confirmation. This returns the created resource in the HTTP Location header.

PUT https://<server>:8021/rest/management/fixpackconfirmations/<id> Consumes application/xml
POST https://<server>:8021/rest/management/fixpackconfirmations/<id>?httpMethod=PUT Consumes application/xml

List all update confirmations

Get a list of all update confirmations.

GET https://<server>:8021/rest/management/fixpackconfirmations Produces application/xml