Infrastructure - host groups (REST)

AppMon 2018 October

This REST interface is only available in the AppMon 2018 October.

GET Host groups

Lists all host groups, configured on the server.

The request produces application/json.

GET https://{server}:8021/api/v4/infrastructure/hostgroups

PUT Host group

Creates a new host group.

The request consumes application/json.

PUT https://{server}:8021/api/v4/infrastructure/hostgroups/{groupname}

GET Host group

Lists parameters of the specified host group.

The request produces application/json.

GET https://{server}:8021/api/v4/infrastructure/hostgroups/{groupname}

DELETE Host group

Deletes the specified host group.

DELETE https://{server}:8021/api/v4/infrastructure/hostgroups/{groupname}