Infrastructure - hosts (REST)

AppMon 2018 October

This REST interfaces is only available in the AppMon 2018 October.

GET Hosts

Lists all hosts, connected to the AppMon Server.

The request produces application/json.

GET https://{server}:8021/api/v4/infrastructure/hosts

PUT Host

Creates a new host with the specified parameters. You can't update an existing host.

The request consumes application/json.

PUT https://{server}:8021/api/v4/infrastructure/hosts/{hostname}

GET Host

Lists parameters of the specified host.

The request produces application/json.

GET https://{server}:8021/api/v4/infrastructure/hosts/{hostname}


Deletes the specified host.

DELETE https://{server}:8021/api/v4/infrastructure/hosts/{hostname}

Host Groups

See Infrastructure - host groups (REST).


See Infrastructure - labels (REST).


See Infrastructure - sites (REST).