Visit Anonymization (REST)

AppMon 2018 April

These REST interface is available in the AppMon 2018 April only.

To fulfill the General Data Protection Regulations for EU citizens, the AppMon Server offers several RESTful interfaces to anonymize end user visits.

POST Visit anonymization job

Creates a visit anonymization job.

The job anonymize all visits, captured by the specified System Profile in the specified timeframe by masking the username and IP address. Please note, if the timeframe affects a related recorded session, all matching visits of this session will be anonymized, including those actually outside of the specified timeframe.

To identify visits to be anonymized you can specify either username, or IP address, or both. If you specify both the and logic applies—only visits where username and IP address match are anonymized.

Regardless how you're identifying the visit, both username and IP are masked. The values are overwritten in the session storage, so you can't retrieve them afterwards.

consumes application/json

GET Visit anonymization job

Gets the inforamtion about specified anonymization job. You can find the ID of the job in the Location header of the POST Visit anonymization job request.

produces application/json