XML reporting (REST)

In addition to regular REST Reporting the AppMon Server also supports another REST interface for XML reports. It offers more parameters than the regular reporting interface.

XML Reports can also be generated using Client Reporting.


XML REST Reporting differs from regular REST Reporting. Some parameters that are listed here are not available for other report types and formats.

The XML request interface

The general syntax for the creation of XML reports is:

Request type HTTP GET
URI https://DTSERVER:8021/rest/management/dashboard/DASHBOARDNAME ?PARAMETERS

See Set up Communication Connections for further configuration details.


XML Reporting differs from regular REST Reporting, which uses the interface /rest/management/reports/create/.


The following parameters configure the report and the dashboard itself. Changes are only applied on the dashboard level. Specific settings of the individual dashlets are not altered.

The parameters source, compare, and filter are explained in Dashboards and Reporting (REST).

Parameter Description Mandatory
source Overrides the dashboard's default data source. no
compare Overrides the comparison default data source, and activates the data source if necessary. no
filter Sets the filter for both data sources, but is overridden by individual source filters. Can be specified multiple times. See REST Filters for details. no
includeLayout When set to true (default is false), additional layout information is added, such as table column order, column display names, or sorting.

This is only available for XML.
purePathDetails Enables reporting of full details including all node-data for one or for all PurePaths in the reported dashboard. This only affects reports of the PurePath dashlet.

This is only available for XML.


includeLayout determines whether additional layout information is included in the XML report.


URI https://localhost:8021/rest/management/dashboard/demo?includeLayout=true

This creates an XML report containing a layout element that describes the column order for dashlets with flat tables, as well as the sort column and sorting order. For example:

  <sort field="exec" order="descending"/>
  <field order="0" name="state" display=""/>
  <field order="1" name="name" display="PurePath"/>
  <field order="5" name="agent" display="Agent"/>
  <field order="4" name="node_count" display="Size"/>
  <field order="8" name="exec" display="Duration [ms]"/>
  <field order="7" name="start" display="Start Time"/>
  <field order="9" name="agentid" display="Agent ID"/>
  <field order="10" name="tagid" display="Tag ID"/>
  <field order="6" name="application" display="Application"/>
  <field order="3" name="breakdown" display="Breakdown"/>
  <field order="2" name="response_time" display="Response Time [ms]"/>


The purePathDetails are the equivalent to the PurePath tree shown in the PurePath dashlet. This parameter only has effect on reports containing the PurePath dashlet. It can either be reported for all PurePaths (purePathDetails=ALL) or for specific paths selected by their PurePath Identifiers.


URI https://localhost:8021/rest/management/dashboard/demo?purePathDetails=ALL

This creates an XML report containing all PurePathDetails, assuming the 'demo' dashboard contains a PurePath dashlet.


Requesting all PurePath details by specifying ALL may produce a large amount of data. Exporting all PurePaths may take a long time, depending on the number of PurePaths and nodes in the report. The CPU overhead on the AppMon Server may increase while exporting the data for all PurePaths.

PurePath identifiers for XML reports

To select a PurePath for which you want to see the details, identify it with its Agent ID and Tag ID. To get these values, open the PurePath dashlet and choose Details on the specific PurePath. The Agent ID and Tag ID are listed there. You can also show the columns in the PurePath dashlet.

Part Description Mandatory Example
PA The Agent tag in decimal or hex (starting with '0x') format. yes PA=0x4ae37f41
PT The tag number in decimal format. yes PT=0


The following requests details for one specific PurePath from the 'demo' dashboard:

URI https://localhost:8021/rest/management/dashboard/demo?purePathDetails=PT=1175239;PA=0xe1bfd3b9


XML schema

The response is specified by the XML Schema definition which can be queried live from the AppMon Server at https://DTSERVER:8021/rest/management/schema/dashboard.