REST interfaces

Both the AppMon Server and AppMon Client expose management functions using REST interfaces. Use these interfaces to perform tasks such as:

  • Start/stop session recording.
  • Switch active configuration for a System Profile.
  • Trigger memory dumps, thread dumps, and sampling sessions.
  • Restart AppMon Server and AppMon Collector.
  • Perform Hot Sensor Placements.
  • Generate reports.

In Java 7, the support for the pseudo-protocol SSLv2Hello has been disabled by default. This is now also reflected in the REST Interfaces. Applications running with Java 6 or earlier might be affected if they access the REST Interfaces using HTTPS. To be able to access the REST Interfaces using Java 6, SSLv2Hello has to be disabled as shown below:

Set<String> protocols = new HashSet<String>(Arrays.asList(socket.getEnabledProtocols()));
socket.setEnabledProtocols(protocols.toArray(new String[protocols.size()]));