Measures in AppMon are metrics, or data points, collected and recorded in the AppMon Performance Warehouse either periodically or based on transactions. Measures are used for long-term charting, trend analysis, and as the basis for configuring incidents.

Agent based measures (such as host agent and monitor measures) provide insight into your environment and infrastructure. These measures give accurate environment data points related to hardware, operating systems, servers, and databases.

Transaction based measures give insight into your applications and transactions using PurePath information.

PurePath based measures are calculated from PurePath-extracted data such as Response Time, the number of SQL executions, or the number of exceptions. PurePath based measures can also be calculated from any visit data, including visit durations, visit counts, or conversion rates

Measures can be used to define criteria in a business transaction by extracting pieces of specific information and so they can be broken up into categories of information

PurePath and transaction-based measures provide insight into your application and transactions.

The following types of measures provide insight into your environment and infrastructure:

  • Agent-based measures such as Host and Agent.
  • Monitor-based measures for hardware, operating systems, servers, and databases.

You can also create custom Agent measures based on an out-of-the-box measure type and specify settings that are specific to this new measure. You can then use these measures for charting and split the measure data by agent.

See Create and Configure measures for more information on measures and how to create them.