About documentation

This page provides instructions and helpful tips for using AppMon documentation-related features and the community.

Documentation organization

AppMon documentation on this site is always current to the latest AppMon release. Features and other facilities specific to the current AppMon release are noted on the page. Any functional or feature differences in past releases from the current release are also noted in the documentation.

Product documentation is accessible from any Community page from the Documentation link in the page ribbon. Clicking this link takes you to the main documentation page, where you can click the AppMon documentation link to go to the main AppMon Help page.

Search the Documentation

Use any of the following site features to find content in the documentation:

Use the search box on the right side of the Dynatrace Community ribbon to find results within the specific product documentation.

You can also click the Documentation link in the Dynatrace Community ribbon and use the search box on the Documentation page to search all product help.

Searches on these pages are not case-sensitive. Pages including your search term, related pages, and suggested links are returned. Include fewer or more terms to broaden or restrict the search.

You can expand your search by using the OR operator: To retrieve pages that include either word A or word B, type an uppercase OR between terms.

Left navigation pane

The left navigation pane is present for each help page. A Back link appears at the top of the pane (except the Home page) so you can easily go to the previously visited page. It also displays links to any child pages for the current page. Use the left navigation pane to quickly navigate between pages and get insight into the product documentation structure.

Right navigation page

If present on a page, the right navigation page includes the following.

For pages that have the same name in the previous version of AppMon help, a link at the top of the right navigation page is available. Click the link to go to page's version from the previous release. This is a handy way to learn about updated product features from previous releases.

For pages with multiple sections, the page links in the On this page box in the right navigation pane let you go directly to the selected section on the page. This helps to get to quickly get to just the information on a page that you need.

Related pages, Watch and learn, and other sections on the right navigation provide links to relevant help and other helpful content related to the existing page's content. Use these links to enhance your AppMon knowledge, get questions answered quickly, and drill down to any complex strategies to get the most out of AppMon.


Each help page displays a breadcrumb trail to provide a quick cue to where you are currently in the help. You can also click on any part of the breadcrumb path to go directly to that page in the help.

Documentation feedback

Click the feedback button on the right side of any help page to send any comments or feedback directly to the AppMon documentation team.

Context Sensitivity

Need to quickly learn how to use a dialog box, dashboard or other parts of the AppMon Client? While anywhere in the AppMon client, click F1 to activate help that is specific to where you are in the product. Help appears in your browser default browser.