Move session storage to a new disk or directory

The default location is in your installation directory {install}/server/sessions/stored. For production installations it is recommended to reconfigure this location to be an absolute path to a directory outside of the installation directory to eliminate the need to move the storage with each AppMon upgrade.


  1. Open the client and navigate to the AppMon Server settings (Settings > Dynatrace Server).
  2. Click on Storage to configure.
  3. Enter the new location of the session store (Absolute path or relative to the {install}/server/ directory).
  4. Click Apply. When prompted to restart the server, choose Later.
  5. Stop the AppMon Server. Do one of the following:
    • Use Windows services.
    • AppMon 2017 May Right-click Server in the AppMon Client cockpit and clicking Shutdown Server.
    • AppMon 2018 April and later Select the required server in the Server selector, and select Shutdown Server in the Settings action item of the sidebar.
  6. Move the contents of the original directory (for example, {install}/server/sessions) to the new directory (must be created).
  7. Start the Server.
  8. Verify the stored sessions still show in the Server's Session Storage on the client.

If you have no existing data

If you have no data in your session store or don't intend to keep it, simply follow steps 1-4 and when prompted to restart, choose Yes.


If sessions are not found on restart, check the Storage link in the settings again to make sure the new location is set.

If the new location has been reverted, check the Server.0.0.log in the System Information dashlet.
Server Name > Support Information > Log Files > Server.0.0.log.

The end of the file may have some errors about why the server couldn't initialize the location you picked.