Stored sessions

A stored session is a memory dump, a thread dump, a sampling, or a former PurePath session that is stored on the hard drive. Stored PurePath sessions also include time series data. in the AppMon Client, click the Session Storage tree in the cockpit to see stored sessions.

Exported sessions are stored sessions zipped up in a single .dts file. Multiple stored sessions can correspond to one System Profile.

Store session context menu - explicit storage

You can manually store a session to disk.

To save PurePaths or Time series data of a specified time frame to extra files, select Store Session or  Export Session from the System Profile's Session Storage context menu.

  • Store Session saves session components in files (.dtsf) in a YYYYMMDDHHMMSS_n.session directory in the sessions\stored folder specified in Server settings.
  • Export Session zips up stored session files (.dtsf) of a YYYYMMDDHHMMSS_n.session directory into a single .dts session archive to the path specified, from where it can easily be distributed.

Make available offline

When you right-click a stored session and click Make Available Offline, the session is exported and immediately imported as an offline session into your Client, accessible without an AppMon Server.