Stored sessions

A stored session is a memory dump, a thread dump, a sampling, or a former PurePath session that is stored on the hard drive. Stored PurePath sessions also include time series data. To view stored sessions:

  • AppMon 2017 May In the Cockpit, click the Session Storage tree in the cockpit to see stored sessions.
  • AppMon 2018 April and later In the Session selector, click Manage Stored Sessions.

Exported sessions are stored sessions zipped up in a single .dts file. Multiple stored sessions can correspond to one System Profile.

Store session context menu - explicit storage

You can manually store a session to disk.

To save PurePaths or Time series data of a specified time frame to extra files, select Store Session or Export Session from the System Profile's Session Storage context menu.

  • Store Session saves session components in files (.dtsf) in a YYYYMMDDHHMMSS_n.session directory in the sessions\stored folder specified in Server settings.
  • Export Session zips up stored session files (.dtsf) of a YYYYMMDDHHMMSS_n.session directory into a single .dts session archive to the path specified, from where it can easily be distributed.

Make available offline

You can store a session in your Client, so it would be available offline, without the connection to the AppMon Server. To do so:

  • AppMon 2017 May Right-click a stored session and select Make Available Offline.
  • AppMon 2018 April and later In the Stored Sessions dashlet right-click the required session and select Make Available Offline.