Process configuration changes - re-analyze stored or offline session

Stored and offline PurePath sessions can be adapted to changing needs. For example:

  • The underlying measures and thresholds for your Business Transactions may be created or reconfigured.
  • PurePath-related measures can be added.

After changes to the session's System Profile, all PurePaths have to be re-analyzed. Right-click Session and click Process Configuration Changes. The values for charting and Business Transactions may change.

When you use Process Configuration Changes, the values are stored back into the Session. By contrast, Reanalyze all PurePaths on the context menu for the Business Transaction dashlet only analyzes the PurePaths and tags them with the Business Transaction, but it does not persist any measures back to the stored session.

Process Configuration Changes does not affect system monitoring or time series data stored in the Performance Warehouse, such as CPU or memory usage. No values are created if they were not recorded.


Visit-based business transactions cannot be reanalyzed.