Business Transaction page of the Monitoring dashboard

You can create business transactions from the System Profile, or an the Business Transactions page of the Monitoring dashboard. This page describes the Business Transactions page. To learn about the System Profile approach, refer to Business Transaction configuration. This page, however, allows to instantly see results of filtering applied, and you don't have to specify applications or measures during BT creation, which can be helpful for inexperienced users.

To open the Business Transactions page select one of your applications and select Configure Business Transaction item from its gear menu.

By preparing different Filters (URI, HTTP-Method, Content-Type and Parameter) a Business Transaction can be created very easily. For example HTTP GET was selected as a filter here and it is shown in the Filter Result section.

The active filters can be found in the Filter Breadcrumbs section and deleted one by one.

After all appropriate filters have been applied, select the required URIs and click the Create Business Transaction button to create a Business Transaction.


URI-, HTTP-method- and content-type-filter are unique filters and can only be created once for each Business Transaction. The parameter-filter might be applied multiple times for different parameters. To enable the content-type filter the content-type response header needs to be captured by the Web Server Sensor. To enable the parameter filter the capturing of the request parameter has to be added to the Web Server Sensor, Servlet Sensor or ASP.NET Sensor.


Create a Business Transaction

Click the Create Business Transaction button to create a Business Transaction when at least one filter is active.

Edit an existing Business Transaction

When a Business Transaction is selected in the Monitored Business Transaction section, its active filters and the filtering results are shown. Filters can be deleted and new filters can be applied.

Delete a Business Transaction

Delete a Business Transaction by using the context menu of a BT in the Monitored Business Transaction section.

Monitor Business Transaction

Select a Business Transaction in the Monitored Business Transaction section, to make it appear at the Application Overview Dashboard. Click Monitor Business Transactions or the application breadcrumb to return to the application page and see the results of the newly created Business Transaction.