Glossary - measures and charting


  • Automatically set to [1] for chart series with configured count aggregation
  • B, kB, MB, GB for byte Measures
  • ns, us, ms, s, min, h for time Measures


Events captured for a Measure on the AppMon Server are aggregated into a measurement per 10 sec. interval.

  • Average: Average of all incoming event values per interval.
  • Minimum: Minimum encountered value per interval.
  • Maximum: Maximum encountered value per interval.
  • Sum: Sum of event values per interval.
  • Count: Event count per interval.

The interpretation of an aggregation is based on the chosen chart type. For non-XY-Charts like the Meter chart or Pie chart, you can choose the following aggregations:

  • Last: Last Measure value
  • Percentile Choose a percentage value from {25, 50, 75, 90, 95, 99}

The aggregation interval for plotted values is based on the selected chart resolution. See How is the resolution related to the selected time frame? for more information.

Time frames

  • Auto: Measures from a live System Profile resolve to the last 15min time frame. For Measures from a stored or offline session, the time frame should automatically adapt to incorporate captured data (may require refresh).
  • Last Value: Retrieves the last captured measurement for a Measure and includes data in Performance Warehouse, if connected.
  • Last [X]: Last x minutes/hours/days.
  • Last Year, Last Week, Last Month, Yesterday: Time span of the last calendar year/week/month/day.
  • This Year, This Week, This Month, Today: Time span from beginning of year/week/month/day till now.
Time stamps source

AppMon Server. Click here for more.


The resolution dictates how a chart represents detailed data. The maximum resolution for live data is 10 seconds. Performance Warehouse data is available at a maximum resolution of 1 minute.

Automatic chart resolution

Even though the resolution may be set manually in chart context menu, the chart can override it to avoid flooding the plot with too many records.

Measure picker

Use the Measure Picker to add Measures to a chart. The System Profile Measures appear in a tree structure on the left side (1). When you select a Measure, its description appears in the Measure Description area (2) and activates the splitting selection list (3). If splittings are available, these appear in the table on the right side (4).

To add a distinct set of splittings to the chart, select a set of splittings in the table to activate the Select option.

(1) measures, (2) measure description, (3) splitting selection, (4) list of splittings
(1) measures, (2) measure description, (3) splitting selection, (4) list of splittings