Scheduled reporting

Reports can be created automatically at given intervals and can either be stored in the AppMon Server's filesystem or be sent by e-mail. Scheduled reports are created by the AppMon Server.

To create a reporting task, execute the following steps, or see the detailed tutorial of scheduled reporting.

  1. Open the dashboard you want to report.
  2. Right-click the dashboard title or open the dashboard menu and select Report. The Report Creation dialog box appears.
  3. Customize the report by changing the title, description, file type, page orientation, page size and filename.
  4. Click Create Schedule. The Scheduled Report dialog box appears.
    Scheduled Report Dialog Box - Task tab
  5. Customize the post-processing to send the report as e-mail and/or store it in the AppMon Server's file system.
  6. Click the Schedule tab.
    Scheduled Report Dialog Box - Schedule tab
  7. Add or edit a schedule with in the Schedules Editor.
    Schedules Editor dialog box
  8. Click the Report Settings tab to define the file type, page orientation and size. You can also define the user which is used to run the report here.
    Scheduled Report Dialog Box - Report Settings tab