Reporting limits

Limitations to client side reporting

Reporting in the AppMon Client has certain limitations:

  • Only data already shown in the client are reported. No refresh is triggered before reporting.
  • Dashlets that were not yet activated in the client are skipped in the reports. To make sure all of the dashboard's dashlets show data in the report, manually refresh them before creating the report. This does not apply to server side reporting with REST or scheduled reporting.

Size limits

AppMon limits the report size so the AppMon Server or AppMon Client is not affected by very large reports. To generate a large report, use the following configuration options:

Soft limit: 100 rows per dashlet

Dashlets and dashboards are set to report 100 rows of data per table. Adjust this in the dashboard and dashlet settings. If you set it higher than the current hard limit of 5000 rows per table, the hard limit is still imposed.

Hard limit: 5000 rows per report

A report cannot have more than 5000 rows for all dashlets in the report. If you require more, you can set the following system property:

com.dynatrace.diagnostics.reporting.maxTableRows int (default = 5000) Limits the number of overall table rows in one report. After the limit is reached, Dashlets are excluded from the report. They are listed at the end of the report.

You may have to adjust this setting in multiple places. The following describes report types and their settings:

Client side reports: client installed locally

The locally installed client uses the file dtclient.ini, which is located in C:/Users/<username>/.dynaTrace/dynaTrace <version>/dtclient.ini (on Linux/Mac OS X this is ~/.dynaTrace/).


Add the setting to this file directly after -vmargs, not at the end.

Maximum of 50 dashlets per report

To prevent extremely large reports and performance issues on the AppMon Client or the AppMon Server every Report is limited to 50 dashlets. Of course you can create multiple reports with 50 dashlets each.

Client side reports: Webstart Client launched from the AppMon Server website

Because there is no dtclient.ini for Webstart Clients, the system property has to be set differently, for example by setting the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS environment variable:


Server Side Reports

Includes Scheduled Reports and REST Reports .

When you create a report from scheduled tasks or the REST interface, the AppMon Server creates the report. You must configure it to have higher limits, if necessary. To do this adjust the file dtserver.ini which is usually located at <dynaTrace Installation>\dtserver.ini, for example C:\Program Files\dynaTrace\dynaTrace 5.5.0\dtserver.ini





Add the setting to this file directly after -vmargs, not at the end.


  • After the setting is applied and the server or client is restarted, you should see the following line in the logfile, after the first report is triggered:
2015-14-03 09:26:53 INFO [ServerReportManager] Using non-default limit of table rows per report: '10000'

If the line is not there, verify that the config-files are adjusted correctly and that the server and client are restarted to activate the new settings.

  • You must also adjust the soft limit in the dashboard or dashlet because the default limit of 100 rows still applies, even if you raise the hard limit correctly.
  • dtclient.ini files must only be located under C:\Users. If they are located in places like C:\Program Files (x86)\dynaTrace\dynaTrace &lt;version&gt;, remove them.

Server side reports: queue


Changing the default settings for the reporting queue increases the resources needed by your AppMon Server.

Only a certain number of reports gets executed simultaneously (by default 3). This setting can be adapted with the system property.


As soon as the maximum number is reached, new reports get queued and wait until at least one previously started report is done. The timeout for reports waiting to be processed (by default 300 seconds) can be changed by the system property.


To change the size of the queue of reports (by default 8) use the system property.


Non-latin scripts

To enable non-latin scripts for PDF reports it may be necessary to set the system property com.dynatrace.diagnostics.reporting.pdf.english to false. This could lead to errors with hyphenation but enables right-to-left writing.

Depending on whether the AppMon Client or the AppMon Server create the report, the system property has to be set in the dtclient.ini or dtserver.ini.

Trees in reports

Dashlets that contain trees report those as flat tables - at least for non-XML reports. Since the relation between the table rows can have a completely different meaning if the tree depth information is lost, a column level is always added to such reports.