Monitor cloud applications

Cloud monitoring

Cloud is a vague term, but the core concept of on-demand and automated provisioning turns infrastructure into commodity. This lets you focus on what matters most to you: application performance. With AppMon you have chosen an APM (Application Performance Management) solution that exactly follows this approach: AppMon actually monitors your application rather than the environment in which it is running. This enables you to identify whether or not any application failure draws from your infrastructure or any of the cloud services your application uses or from the application itself. Additionally, AppMon comes with integrated UEM (User Experience Management), which is important for geographic optimization of your global deployment. AppMon defines cloud monitoring as application monitoring plus end user experience management.

While AppMon supports and runs in all cloud environments, there is special support for Amazon's AWS, Microsoft's Windows Azure and VMWare-based Clouds:

Amazon AWS

Microsoft Azure


Cloud Foundry


  • Monitoring your Application and the virtual Infrastructure
  • Running the AppMon Server in VMWare
  • Analyzing Impact of VMWare on Performance

Cloud technology support

In addition to supporting a wide range of technologies, AppMon also provides special support and analytic capabilities for the important field of Big Data.